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Sales Training

Sales Training

Industry's Premier Sales Trainer

Scott Iverson, the industry's premier sales trainer, engages novice sellers and veterans alike in a customer-friendly, real world approach that has long been known for generating selling confidence and immediate results.

When you participate in Scott's training, you can expect:

  • A comfortable, encouraging, and challenging environment regardless of sales experience.
  • Customized strategies tailored to the unique styles of both the seller and the shopper.
  • A full immersion environment, where students are taught the necessary skills to win the sale.
  • Consumer psychology-based courses that are constantly refreshed to reflect the ever-changing marketplace.
  • Increased confidence and sales!

Sales Training Topics:

  • Developing sales strategies to guide customers through the decision making process
  • Strategies and habits to create business rather than wait for it
  • Understanding today's consumer and how to effectively communicate with them
  • Overcoming objections throughout the decision making process
  • Create urgency to shorten the purchasing cycle

In addition to Scott's phenomenal sales training resources, you'll also benefit from a dedicated Regional Sales Manager, who is available to:

  • Conduct in-store sales training
  • Advise on store layout and design
  • Help develop strategies for enhancing your online presence
  • Advise on successful sales events
Scott Iverson

Scott Iverson

Watkins Team Member since 1988