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Caldera Global

Caldera Global

Why Do Business With Caldera® Spas International?

Being an Authorized Caldera® Spas importer is fun and profitable…Just ask our worldwide family of over 1,000 importers!

Watkins Manufacturing – A profitable choice

From value level to premium products, our selection of spa models covers a wide range of price points, ensuring that you will be able to satisfy the needs of virtually every shopper. And, because every model serves a specific purpose in the line-up and fills different needs, the Caldera Spas sales mix is very balanced—all are good sellers!

Order Fulfillment

We maintain a substantial inventory at our European distribution center located in Belgium, allowing you to invest your capital in something other than inventory. And if there is something you need that is not in our European distribution center, we can usually have it shipped to you within 2 weeks, from one of our large manufacturing facilities in North America.

Personal Service

As an international Caldera® Spas importer, you will have access to full-time International Support in the USA and Europe, ensuring that a specialist is always available to answer any questions you may have. Additional services you will enjoy:

  • A dedicated European Regional Sales Manager, who is available to be your personal business consultant, helping to strategize and implement customized solutions
  • Country specific sales training
  • Technical assistance manuals and a dedicated International Service Specialist
  • Quick, efficient follow-up
  • Professional marketing support
  • Dedicated international contact numbers and support personnel

Sales Training

Buying spas is easy. The hard part is selling what you buy. Watkins provides the following tools to help you be successful:

  • Brochures and websites in multiple languages
  • Showroom signs, posters, banners, and videos all designed to powerfully communicate the features and benefits of each product
  • Co-op advertising allowances for your spa purchases
  • Caldera Spas branded accessories to enhance the sale and add profit
  • Expert training in sales and marketing, service, product knowledge and management
  • Personal assistance within your own country